November 19, 2005

ID Cards

Just a little snippet on ID Cards, by Frederick Douglass
These instruments they were required to renew very often, and by charging a fee for this writing, considerable sums from time to time were collected by the State. In these papers the name, age, color, height, and form of the freeman were described, together with any scars or other marks upon his person which could assist in his identification.

It may sound a lot like the ID cards that the Tyrant Blair wishes to introduce, but a much older set used to disginuish slave from free. That was their only purpose, once the horror of keeping a person as property of another was finally realised they where got rid of. Now New Labour wishes to reintroduce them, the question who is it that are to be the slaves this time? However he may not find it easy as Mr Douglass said
One cannot easily forget to love freedom


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